Scribe Five4 hub: Ratchet Drive design, High speed, 54-tooth (6.6°)

When we started our hub journey for Scribe, we wanted a design that offered the highest performance possible - fast engagement, light in weight, and with reasonable noise levels. This blog post explains how our Exclusive Scribe Five4 hub addresses these points, and the steps we've taken to bring a high engagement hub to market.


The Scribe Five4 uses a Ratchet Drive System (RDS) - How does it work?

Ratchet drive systems have been used in the cycling industry for quite some time and the design we use is exclusive to Scribe. Within the hub shell, we have a 54-tooth Ratchet Plate which is threaded into place. Within the freehub body, there is an opposing ratchet ring (54-teeth also), which is sprung loaded from behind. When force is applied to the pedals, the freehub rotation locks the teeth together to give you drive.


Why we use a RDS on Performance Wheel sets? 

The biggest advantage of a Ratchet Drive System is that ratchet faces engage simultaneously; every time drive goes on. This offers an incredibly strong bind, and as this system has few moving parts, the hub is incredibly durable and overall maintenance is significantly reduced.

Using this system offers a super-responsive 54-tooth ratchet system with an incredibly low 6.6º engagement angle. *Engagement is how much the free hub rotates before power is transferred to the rear wheel. The smaller the engagement, the faster the wheel set will respond. However, too little angle means there's not enough contact surface for loading. You can find the Scribe Five4 RDS for our full Carbon range (disc brake / rim brake), and also high performance alloy wheel sets.  





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