Why Scribe?

Why Ride Scribe and Our Team

    As a new, fast-growing brand, we do get asked why customers should buy from us over other brands, and when we explain the difference(s), the gap is bigger than most think! So we thought you'd list some main areas below. If you'd like more information, please head over to our Technology page to learn more.   

    1) Specification: Not quite like others    

    • Patented Ratchet Drive Hub System  

    Exclusive to Scribe, we use a single disc Ratchet Drive System, with leaf spring actuation. Included with all of our performance wheels, this is a responsive high torque system that's incredibly durable and easy to service. 

    There aren't many single disc ratchet drive hubs on the market and if you look up rivals with similar tech, their hubset alone costs ~£475. If you consider we sell a full Super-light Carbon wheelset for £870, and Performance Alloy wheels from £330 - £380, our wheels are amongst the best ultimate upgrades for the money.

    Exploded Diagram of Scribe Cycling Patented Ratchet Drive Hub System
      • Super Lightweight Carbon Technology - Compare our weights to other brands

      When developing the Scribe range, we started with an end weight in mind for each model to get the balance right between strength and weight. We are able to achieve our impressive weights as we only use high-filament Japanese Toray (12k/18k) carbon fibre, and leading edge Resin Technology. Utilising Tension Technology (T:Tech), we're able to offer incredibly strong, yet seriously lightweight carbon rims.  

      Japanese toray carbon fibre Scribe rims


      2) World leading Customer Support

      • You're talking with a Tech Expert

      If you've been on our chat (green button - bottom right) or sent an email to team@scribecycling.com, you've been talking with an experienced rider with an advanced level of technical support. Our customers are, and will always be our number one priority so we invest a lot here to make sure you get an industry leading customer service experience. 

      • 3-Year Warranty 

      As cyclists ourselves, we know what it's like to have a warranty issue and we'll support customers in every way possible to make sure your wheels keep turning. Go to Warranty page.

      • Lifetime Crash Replacement Programme for Carbon

      Having the odd tumble can happen through no fault of your own. As riders we understand that it can be heart breaking when your pride and joy suffers a bad crash. If your wheels are damaged as a result of a crash please contact us and we help out with a discount off replacement parts.

      3) Excellent Reviews

      • Industry Reviews

      Since launching Scribe in May 2019, we've been getting some amazing industry reviews and they orientate around the same areas; Responsiveness, Acceleration and Performance. 

      • Customer Reviews

      Although it's amazing to get excellent reviews from journalists, the thing that really makes it worth all the hard work is when customers contact us post-purchase to say our wheels have transformed their bikes and they can't believe the difference it's made to their riding! As riders that love the industry, we want to win on the ground with every day riders. We recently created a Trust Pilot account and head over to check out what customers' have to say about us. 

      4) We Support Passion

      We want to be a brand that can look back and be proud we changed lives for the better. When we launched Scribe, we knew exactly the type of people we wanted to support - they are those that selflessly Inspire, Nurture and Help grow the cycling industry simply because they love the sport, and we support that philosophy every day of the week. Head over to our Scribe Riders page to see some of the athletes we support, along with some of the programs we proudly sponsor. 

      5) Scribe Team: Created by riders with decades worth of experience  

      Alan - Founder, and pretty much all-round domestique

      Scribe Cycling founder Alan Graham

      We are a small brand that creates performance product for serious riders. We draw on decades worth of experience to challenge, test and obsess over detail, to bring new Innovative product to market with a 'Zero Compromise' attitude.

      About 8 years ago, I gave up an engineering career to pursue the sport I love, cycling. Fortunately, N. Ireland had an online cycling powerhouse that was causing ripples on a global scale; Chain Reaction Cycles (CRC), and I naturally found myself in their ranks. Having started as a customer service technical advisor, I soon ended up in CRC's 'House Brands' department where I developed product for Prime bike wheels, Nukeproof wheels & components, with small amounts of time on the other owned brands. After a whirlwind 5.5 years in CRC, I worked with Hunt bike wheels (1 year), before moving on to start Scribe Cycling. 

      At Scribe, we don't like to think we're like other wheel brands. We work with the best cycling manufacturers in the world and we aim to develop, and work exclusively with many of our partners to bring new product to market. Since launching Scribe in May 2019, we've worked hard to get our brand onto the playing field and we're truly honoured so many riders have been interested in us, and what we're doing. We sincerely thank you for your support and we promise to continually push the boundaries in pursuit of bringing riders the best pound-for-pound product possible.


      Dean McDowell - Marketing Manager, always in the break and pulls from the front    

      Scribe Cycling Marketing Manager Dean McDowell

      Twelve Years within the cycling industry

      - Tech Expert

      - Marketing

      - Training & Quality

      - Graphic Design


      Dan Riddel - Brand Manager, Chief Mechanic and off-road missile 

      Scribe Cycling Chief Mechanic Dan Riddel 

      Nine Years within the cycling industry

      - Tech Expert

      - Cytech Master Technician

      - Operations lead

      - Warranty and returns


      We hope you like our range and we are always here for you. If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

      Chat: simply hit the Green button on the bottom right-hand corner

      Email: team@scribecycling.com

      Address: Scribe Cycling, 62 Donegall Pass, Belfast, N. Ireland, BT7 1BU

      Thank you for taking the time to read this. Alan, Mark, Dean and Dan.