Hub Service (Five4 - Ratchet)

Please follow the below instructions for servicing the Scribe Five4 rear hub

Tools Required - 2x 5mm Allen Keys, 1x 6mm Allen Key

Step 1: Remove left hand end cap

Insert 2x 5mm Allen keys into each end cap and turn anti-clockwise to release non-drive side end cap 

Step 2: Remove right hand end cap

Insert 6mm Allen key through axle from left-hand side and use 5mm Allen key to remove end cap (anti-clockwise)

Step 3: Remove freehub body and clean

Slide freehub body from axle. Remove Ratchet ring, spring and spacer. Clean splined section inside freehub body

Step 4: Replace Ratchet Ring and Spring

Grease new Ratchet ring and spring with Scribe grease provided with service kit and place back into position


If you need this spare part - you can buy by clicking HERE


**Reverse the above to rebuild hub**