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Ride 365 Days. Toughened Rims. Sealed bearings. Aqua Grease.

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Lifetime Crash Replacement
3 Year Free Bearing Replacement
3 Year Warranty
30 Day Returns
Worldwide Shipping
* Does not apply to Alloy range

Wheels for Purpose

The Scribe 365 wheels were created because we couldn't find a wheel set you could ride all-year round. We've all been there when the wheels start to show signs of drag after wet days, or you buckle your wheel after hitting a relatively small pothole. With our design, you can have complete confidence these wheels will stand the test of time and they really do what it says on the tin.

For the 365s, we use high fatigue alloy rims, brass nipples (don't corrode), water repellent contact sealed bearings, and upgraded Scribe Aqua grease, so you can ride all four seasons. The Wide 19mm internal profile gives you the option to fit wide tyres for increased stability when cornering, and increased speed due to improved rolling resistance - especially when ran as tubeless.

Tech Spec (summary)

Depth 26mm
Material Hardened, Lightweight Alloy
Type Clincher Tubeless Ready
Rim Width (external) 24mm
Rim Width (internal) 19mm
Spoke Pattern / Hole Count 24H Front (2x), 28H Rear (2x)


Weight Limit

Total combined weight limit is 115kg

Product Details


  • Hardened, heat treated rim design - light in weight but super tough
  • 24 hole Front | 28 hole Rear
  • Tubeless ready design gives you the option to have increased puncture resistance, faster-rolling wheels and improved weight (works with standard tube also)
  • 4-D precision drilled spoke holes - directs spokes exactly to hub anchor point
  • Ramped rim bed for easy tyre fitment
  • Bead lock design for secure tyre binding, even at lower pressures
Scribe Cycling 365 Rear Wheel Close-up


  • Scribe 365 6061 Alloy hubs with J-bend design
  • High grade Mobile® water repellent grease used for moving parts to ensure system runs smoothly, long-term
  • 3x pawl system with high deflection leaf springs offers solid engagement
  • 6x cartridge sealed bearing hub set; 2x in front, 2x in rear, 2x in freehub (more below)
  • Shimano (HG & HG+) /SRAM (PG) 8/9/10/11/12 speed compatible Anti-bite freehub body fitted - Campagnolo and XDR also available


Bearings are an essential component of wheels and it's important your bearings perform as you want them to. This wheelset comes with sealed, low friction Endurance bearings that are designed to stand the test of time. Ride as much as you want, with confidence your bearings will keep spinning smoothly.

Scribe Cycling Endurance Bearings
  • High quality Taiwanese TPI stainless steel bearings (doesn't rust or corrode)
  • Sealed cartridge units with 1x contact seal (outer facing seal interfaces with ball bearings to resist water penetration), and 1x non-contact seal (no interface between ball bearings increases rolling speed)
  • Precision engineered to produce incredibly high roundness, with low friction surface
  • Aqua grease: repels water and allows your bearing(s) to spin smoothly long term

Spokes and Nipples

  • The Scribe 365s are designed to be ridden 365 days a year, and therefore need to be tough! For this reason, we have used Sapim's legendary d-Light (double butted) spokes. The short 2mm section at either end of spoke, and 1.65mm for the middle section offers a strong build that will still accelerate quickly. (2.0mm - 1.65mm - 2.0mm)
  • Extremely high-fatigue test results means they are extremely durable
  • For nipples, we use Brass Sapim double square head nipples. As the 365s will be exposed to every season, brass nipples have significantly improved fatigue resistance when compared with alloy, and they don't corrode, so you can ride them in wet, salty conditions without having to worry about them failing.

Quick Release (QR)

  • Super-light alloy QR
  • Alloy pivoted cam plate for smooth action, but with strong locking bind
  • Stainless steel springs for anti-rust (weather) protection

Additional items in the box

  • Tubeless tape: pre-installed
  • Tubeless valves
  • Spare spokes
  • Spare nipples


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