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Our riders are those that encourage, nurture, support, grow and help make cycling the coolest sport on the planet. Find out more about the individuals and why they are selected Scribe ambassadors below.

Neil Lauder

Scribe Cycling Ambassador Neil Lauder

Our first introduction to Neil was a brief Saturday morning phone call from the Pan Celtic Race organisers telling us a racer needed some help with a wheel. What we didn’t find out until later was that Neil had been hit by a car in Scotland, taken to hospital for assessment and had a rear wheel that was in bits. We managed to get him up and running with a new Scribe rear wheel, but it was Neil's sheer relentlessness that saw him finish an unbelievable 5th overall - you can read the blog HERE.

Like most of our ambassadors, Neil strikes a balance between work and training while riding for the Artic Air Con Racing Team and over that last few years, his results speak for themselves.

3rd BBAR (Best British All Rounder) overall
1st BBAR and 12-hour Team Champions
1st Kent 12-hour and BAR Champion
5th Pan Celtic Race
1st GB Escapades

Neil epitomises everything we look for in a Scribe ambassador, constantly pushing his limits across multiple disciplines with a never say die attitude even in face of adversity.

Tony Rees

Scribe Cycling Ambassador Tony Rees

After a long and successful career in the Chemical Industry, Tony Rees grabbed the opportunity to retire at the age of 55. His plan had been to continue competing as a triathlete but unfortunately, fate had other ideas. Less than four weeks after retirement Tony was struck by a car while training and knew immediately that his injuries were significant.

After a period of recuperation, it became clear that competitive triathlon was no longer an option, so Tony was left was a simple choice, to give up competitive sport entirely or look to a different sport that might be a better fit. He chose the latter and made the switch to bike racing.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Tony puts his composition and photography skills to good use while charting his change of sporting direction. It was this imagery along with a never say die attitude that brought Tony to our attention. He is an inspiration and is doing exactly what he set out to do – albeit if those plans have been altered slightly.

Christine Geiger

Scribe Cycling Ambassador Christine Geiger

London-based graphic designer and bike enthusiast Christine Geiger has a passion for all things bike. Cycling became second nature from an early age, and it was that passion and enthusiasm, that lead to her openness of multiple disciplines. She has a particular love for fixed gear, gravel and bike packing, with an adventure forever around the corner.

Usually seen cruising around the streets of London with ‘on-point’ wide bars, a camera flung over one shoulder or alternatively racing crits with the aptly named Fixed Beers Race Team.

Christine is the ‘do it all’ adventure cyclist that so readily fits the Scribe brand so well.


Lindsay Watson

Scribe Cycling Ambassador Linday Watson

Working full time as an aeronautical engineer, Lindsay manages to balance a busy work life with his love for racing. Currently with the Powerhouse Sport race team, he has and continues to achieve results across multiple disciplines at both Elite and National level. Lindsay has taken Ulster and Irish National medals on the Road, TT, XC and Track. 

Consistently at the front, the Banbridge rider is rarely off the podium and finished both the 2018 and 19 seasons with a multitude of race wins. Lindsay was ranked 2nd in Irish rider rankings before the start of the 2020 season and took 2nd place and a race win prior to Covid pausing the road season with only TTs  taking place.

After winning the Ernie Magwood TT series for the 2nd year running, he closed his season with a bronze medal in the Irish National TT champs, Silver medal in the Ulster 25 TT Champs and silver medals in the Irish National Individual Pursuit and Team Pursuit Championships.

Scribe had been aware of Lindsay as a prolific local Road Racer, but he introduced himself back in 2018 showing a real an interest in the engineering and tech behind the brand. Talking everything from design, manufacturing processes, bearings to rim tape and tyre pressures, Lindsay’s feedback has been invaluable. With a likeminded approach to innovation and an obsession over detail, he is the perfect ambassador and we are glad to have him onboard and riding Scribe wheels into 2021

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