At Scribe, making a difference to cycling communities is a massive part of our values - we want to start, how we mean to finish. 

What is sTRIBE? (Supporting the TRIBE)

sTRIBE was created because we want to give back to the sport we all love. Having spent an exceptionally long time trying to figure out exactly where to help, we decided we'd like to find unsung heroes and do something really cool for them.

For me, this person is legendary Cycling Ireland Hall - of - Famer, Morris Foster MBE. Big Mo was my neighbour and at the age of 12, he started taking me to time trials on a 650B, Orbit Mercury. By complete chance, I discovered the amazing sport of cycling and my journey through life changed for the better. These are the people that help the many simply because they are passionate and love the sport.    

Unsung Heroes: those that help the many  

I'm sure 1, 2 or even 3 people appear in your head when you read this, and these are the people we want to support - they are the catalysts, the glue of the sport across the world, and the encouragers that help others on their own journeys. They spend their spare time helping, typically for nothing in return, other than the joy of getting others involved in the sport they love. 

Every couple of months, we want you to help us find these unsung heroes in your cycling community and on 2x A4 pages (max), we'd love to know how this individual(s) has made a difference to yours, and others, lives through their passion for cycling. We will read all of these and pick the most compelling story (at least one), to do something awesome for.

*We will notify people via email, and social media platforms when we are accepting the next round.

For us, we feel it's important to give something back that strengthens their passion. This could range from the following: going with us to bike shows (at our expense), free Scribe product, tickets to Tour de France, tickets for Giro d Italia, tickets for Vuelta Espana, or even a trip with us to our suppliers to see how wheels (and bikes get made)!

Stay tuned.