54 Tooth Conversion Kit

54 Tooth Conversion Kit

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The 54-tooth is designed to give riders faster engagement (6.6 degree). This is a retrofittable part across our full range and as the system 'floats', riders can also experience reduced sound when coasting.

"The 54 tooth ratchet system is a game-changer. Power transfer to the rear is transformed, the increase in efficiency is startling - on a favoured climb I had to check my gears numerous times, I was not changing down as I usually do. I found myself braking a little more than usual on both front and rear wheels although, in dry conditions, the stopping power with the supplied brake blocks does not appear to be an issue." Neil Barnes Trustpilot Review

If you would like the 54t option fitted when ordering wheels, simply add it to your basket and we will make this swap for you. 

*For customers that want to retrofit from 36t to 54t, the Ratchet Tool is required to remove the ratchet plate in your hub shell.


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