Hutchinson Touareg TR Tires (2 Tires)

Hutchinson Touareg TR Tires (2 Tires)

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When designing the Touareg Gravel Tire Hutchinson drew on both their road and mountain bike tire heritage to make the most versatile product possible. The tread pattern uses small blocks that are spaced closer together in a chevron along the centreline for lower rolling resistance along with more widely spaced shoulder blocks for cornering grip off-road. Additionally, the side knobs are paired up to save weight and they run partially down the sidewalls to add strength. Hardskin reinforcement adds resilience against punctures and the tire can be used tubeless or tubed.


  • Tubeless Ready (TR), fits tubeless rims with no inner tube and also standard rims with inner tube
  • Hardskin (HS), textile grid reinforcement
  • Numerous knobs provide multiple contact points with the ground to provide consistent performance
  • The intermediate smaller knobs are distributed further apart than those on the central part
  • Smaller and more compact small-blocks contribute to comfort and performance, on both rough terrain and smooth tarmac
  • TPI: 127
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: 700x40 - 550 grams (+/-7%) / 700x45 - 610 grams (+/-7%)