We offer wheels for purpose and painstakingly scrutinise each facet of design and performance, looking at how our wheels can improve a customer's riding experience. 
The same amount of thought and effort goes into evertything we do, including our alloy models. As much as we exert the same energy on everything we make, some products grab more headlines than others. We got our heads together and thought, let's change this!
Let's have a look at our core alloy range!
Pan Celtic Race: How we met our latest Ambassador
'It's the Journey that matters, not the destination' One of the great things about cycling is that you meet lots of people from all over the place. In July this year, we didn't expect to meet our next Ambassador the way we...
Naturally NACA (aerodynamic): Wide+ Range

We explain the science behind NACA profiles, and why we decided to include Wider (Wide+) disc specific models in our range. *Models also include Exclusive, High-Speed (6.6º) Ratchet drive hub technology + Super lightweight carbon. 

Irish Time Trialling Power House, Eileen Burns, becomes Ambassador for Scribe Cycling

Full-time Occupational Therapist, trains 15-hours/ week, came 11th in the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018, has a 10-mile PB of 20:03s (on Northern Ireland roads!), and absolutely loves cycling. 

Meet the women that truly doesn't hold anything back; our latest ambassador - Eileen Burns.