Endurance Bearing Set

Endurance Bearing Set

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Scribe Endurance Bearings

As riders ourselves, we know it's the small things that make the difference; especially when it comes to bearings!

As many of us like to ride our bikes everywhere, regardless of the weather, we give you the option to run a Race Bearing, or this Endurance bearing. These bearings are designed to stand the test of time so you can ride as much as you want, with confidence your bearings will keep spinning smoothly - oh, and they are still fast!  

Bearing Details:

  • High quality TPI stainless steel ball bearings
  • Sealed cartridge units with 1x contact seal (outer facing seal interfaces with ball bearings to resist water penetration), and 1x non-contact seal (no interface between ball bearings increases rolling speed)
  • Precision engineered to produce incredibly high roundness, with low friction surface
  • Aqua grease: repels water and allows your bearing(s) to spin smoothly long term