Race-D (1,479g): $510
Race-D (1,479g): $510
Race-D (1,479g): $510
Race-D (1,479g): $510
Race-D (1,479g): $510
Race-D (1,479g): $510
Race-D (1,479g): $510
Race-D (1,479g): $510
Race-D (1,479g): $510

Race-D (1,479g): $510

Regular price $51

Scribe Race Disc Wheel set

We are currently Sold Out of this model but you can Reserve a set by Pre-Ordering (10% deposit required)

They're Worth the wait! Buying wheels is a long term investment and due to our unique product specification (which includes Exclusive 54-tooth hubs technology), our wheels offer unrivalled levels of performance without the price tag. We are experiencing very high demand for our wheels and pre-ordering is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Super lightweight Alloy... Super fast engagement.. Wide design.

Wheels for purpose

The Scribe Race wheels were design to be just that: Race-ready! Our lightweight design places them amongst carbon alternatives and by using hardened alloys, these hoops are robust. The Race's are an excellent, performance alloy wheel set for those chasing a lightweight edge. An excellent upgrade for those not interested in carbon. 

At only 1,479g in weight, the Race wheels are exceptionally lightweight and pound-for-pound, feature amongst the best performance alloy wheels out there. Partnered with lightning fast Scribe Five4 hubs (54-tooth / 6.6 degree engagement), these wheels respond FAST, offering unrivalled levels of performance.

The Wide 19mm internal profile gives you the option to fit wide tyres for increased stability when cornering, and increased speed due to improved rolling resistance - especially when ran as tubeless. With Centre lock disc as standard, you can ride with confidence knowing the stopping power is there when it's needed.

Tech Spec (summary)

Depth 26mm
Material Hardened, Super-Lightweight Alloy
Clincher Tubeless Ready
Rim Width (external) 24mm
Rim Width (internal) 19mm
Spoke Pattern / Hole Count Front (2:1) 21H, Rear (2:1) 24H
Weight 1479g

The Product in detail

  • Hardened, heat treated rim design - super lightweight and responsive
  • Asymmetric design for more even spoke tensions
  • 21 hole Front | 24 hole Rear
  • Tubeless ready design gives you the option to have increased puncture resistance, faster-rolling wheels and improved weight (works with standard tube also)
  • 4-D precision drilled spoke holes - directs spokes exactly to hub anchor point
  • Ramped rim bed for easy tyre fitment
  • Bead lock design for secure tyre binding, even at lower pressures
    • Unique, high-speed Ratchet Drive system Exclusive to Scribe. Check out our latest hub blog
    • Super fast 54-tooth engagement with 6.6 degree drive rate
    • Heat treated stainless steel drive ring
    • Centre-lock disc standard (6-bolt adapter available)
    • Fully CNC'd rounded design with 4-D precision drilled spoke holes
    • Sealed Stainless Steel Precision bearings with Scribe Race Grease (light, high speed)
    • Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10/11 speed freehub body fitted (SRAM XDR Driver also available)
    • Available in all major standards - Front: QR, Bolt thru (12, 15 and 9mm); Rear: QR, Bolt thru (142x12, 135x12 and 135x12). At basket stage, just tell us which option you want and we'll fit for you.

    *Hub illustration: as the Scribe Five4 design has only one moving part, the system is highly responsive, yet offers incredible durability.

    Spokes and Nipples

    • The Scribe Race-Ds use the Sapim CX-Ray as it's considered to be the most aerodynamic spoke on the market. At 4.25g each, and almost as light as Titaniumwe can build you a super-lightweight wheel set that allows you to get up to speed faster.
    • The unique drawing, and specifically pressed process produces fast, bladed Aero spoke (2.0mm - 0.9/2.2mm - 2.0mm)
    • By using fatigue-resistant 18/8 stainless steel, CX-Ray spokes have exceptionally high durability properties and will stand the test of time.
    • Straight-pull for increased torsional strength
    • 21 hole front / 24 hole rear
    • Read more about Sapim spokes - Sapim.de
    • For nipples, we use Alloy Sapim double square head
    Lacing pattern
    • Front: disc side 1x, drive side Radial
    • Rear: disc side 1x, drive side 2x

    *we use the above lacing pattern as we can build strong wheels (due to the high spoke count - 21 front / 24 rear), and by lacing this way, we are able to add strength to the areas that need them most. For example, when you apply braking on disc brakes, wheel speed is slowed by applying force only on the disc side of the wheel. This is where support is needed.

    Additional items in the box
    • Tubeless valves
    • Spare spokes x4
    • Spare nipples x4
      Race-D (1,479g): $510
      Race-D (1,479g): $510
      Race-D (1,479g): $510
      Race-D (1,479g): $510
      Race-D (1,479g): $510
      Race-D (1,479g): $510
      Race-D (1,479g): $510